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    Feb 17, 2016
    United States
    So here's a neat little thing I figured out recently. Undertale of which you can get on Steam is a very unique game as it remembers EVERYTHING you have done and you can't really undo what you've done. Well I found a way for people who are picking up someone else's game for the first time and just want to start fresh.

    To completely 100% reset everything in Undertale back to the way is was when you first played it you must do the following. Go to C: / Users / (Your user name) / Appdata / Local / UNDERTALE. Inside the Undertale folder to reset it you must delete everything within the folder. To be able to access Appdata you have to make it so your file explorer shows hidden files.

    But here's the coolest part. Say you want to back up the save maybe to put it on a new computer or send it to a friend for them to pick up where you left off. Or even they could send you their save and you could beat something in their game they are having trouble with before returning it. It's as simple as backing up the contents within said UNDERTALE folder and sending it to a friend. It's like having a save state or a extra save slot perhaps. I tested it last night. I literally erased everything in the folder and it was like brand new. So there you go a way to preserve your save data for all time.
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