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    Mar 31, 2009
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    I am posting this because i have not seen this meathod suggested to fix any brick/semi-brick on this forum or on google and it fixed my problem.

    Blank Screen / Wii has no Audio or Video Output, Power led and disk drive led's still work.

    Simply holding the + and - button on the wiimote immediately after wiimote is synced to enter the wii's maintenence mode.

    -Possible Cause: Installing a wad larger than the memory left on my wii. (The wad was fine)

    Upon using the WAD Manager (1.3) to install channels, not paying attention they install, i noticed my tv had no signal, i tried restarting my wii by holding the power button for 5 seconds, my wii turened off but when i turned it back on, there was still no signal though the wiimote still synced and the leds remained normal. So when i turned on my wii and my wiimote has synced (if i had audio or video this would normally be the time when the health warning appears) i hold + and - until i got a signal and the wii successfully entered maintenence mode and my audio and video signal were normal, and worked fine after resetting (i uninstalled last wad immediately)

    Note: You cannot enter wii maintenance mode if you have no safety warning like the option in starfall.

    I hope this can help someone before they go mario strikers on their bricked wii.

    [Please Notify Me If I Am Reposting A Solution To This Brick That Has Been Posted Before]