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    I'm asking this for Bubsy Bobcat

    I seem to be having trouble coldbooting into RxTools (Following this tutorialhttps://gbatemp.net/threads/rxtools...rom-browserhax-homemenuhax-to-rxtools.398420/ and I'm using CtrBootManager as the boot.3dsx), I have followed this tutorial correctly but no matter how many times I try to boot in RxTools via Menuhax (the modified one included in the tutorial and the one included in the Homebrew Starter Pack) or Ninjhax 2.5, the RxTools menu will not appear except from the first time start up screen thing and after that the screen quickly turns to black and does absolutely nothing, not even the green 3D light will light up. The strange thing is, RxTools boots perfectly fine through the browser and I can access my EmuNAND from there. Both of my NANDs are on 9.2 and are unlinked and I'm using an Old 3DS. Is there anything I'm doing wrong or missed out, because I'm confused as to why this is not working and I haven't found anybody else on the Temp with the same problem. Thanks.
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    Don't use that moddified crap, just download ctrbootmananager 1.2 and the official Menuhax 2.0
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