Uloader multi partitions problem

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by DiZ420, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. DiZ420

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    Jan 27, 2010
    United States
    I am having trouble getting uloader to install vc/ww games.

    After futzing around all weekend with triiforce, only to find in the end my 1.5 TB seagate external hard drive is unsupported by the app. [​IMG] (i have a 500 freeagent go which did work, but i dont want to use that one) So i decided to give Uloader a go.
    I grabbed the 222 v5 pack and did a install of 222 to base ios38. i also installed 202 to base 38.

    i have 3 partitions on this external. A freshly formatted 32 gig FAT32 (which is the first primary active partition) with a 32K cluster size. and 2 seperate wbfs partitions.

    my problem is, uloader never installs vc or wii ware, also i have tabs at the top of uloader tab1 , tab2, and dvd tab. But no FAT tab :>(

    i have done some experiments like having a CISO folder cabs and in small letters. also of coarse NAND folder with INSTALL subfolder. nothing.

    i have however, am able to stick a 2 gigabyte memstick in the wii and uloader will install vc & ww.

    The problem with this is, i got all my apps on my external HD. and if there is a sd card in there i got to remove it.
    i also tried experimenting with taking those install files from the sd and moving them over to the external. but that didnt do anything.
    I also removed all files from the fat32 partition except for apps/uloader, nand/install, & ciso , for clean , but still nothing. no FAT tab

    i read this page lots

    i think the only answer to my issue i found in a thread here was to have 202 on 38. done that and no fat.

    just wondering if anyone has a recommendation

    also would it be possible to tweek uloader to not read wbfs partitions? and only fat32 partition?
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