Ugh Moonshell problems...

Discussion in 'NDS - Emulation and Homebrew' started by JJBro1, May 4, 2009.

  1. JJBro1

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    I have a cyclods evolution firmware 1.54 and i am using moonshell 2 beta 12. This has been happening for a while and I couldn't figure out why this is happening. I have over 100 dpg videos on an 8gb sd card. Sometimes my videos lag and the framerate goes bad, some videos will only play once and then freeze when the video is over, some videos will play twice and freeze when the video is over the second time. And then some videos won't play at all and give me the following error:

    AppName Moonshel Ver 2.00 beta.12
    Apr 28 2009 23:14:24 GMT+09:00
    ARM RVCT3.1 [Build 569]
    _current pc=0x02803ec0

    GUID check ok. chkxcrc=0x3e849cb.
    -est for NULL ptr. [NULLSTR]
    Expand MemMgr array. [Temp] 0->32
    =PC6=0x027ff01c 224byte.
    Clear system cache.
    DLDI: active_interface= 0x0209b 260, ID= CE
    VO, Name= CycloDS Evolution v1.3.
    .active_interface=->ul_Features= 0x23.
    DLDI driver stack check.
    DStack:1 Pos: 640, Usd: 968, Total:12484.
    DStack:2 Pos: 640, Usd: 968, Total:12484.
    DStack:3 Pos: 640, Usd: 968, Total:12484.
    HBR boot sector=8192 RD=39312 RE=0 REsize=
    -SPC=8 FD=39312 FLC=1988430
    Detect FAT32

    _dpgf.cpp:38 CreateBurstlist: #15101: c LU
    ster Link Pre-search stopped.

    Application halted !!
    Please refer [moonshl2/logbuf.txt]

    Why do i get this error? Whats going wrong?
  2. CannonFoddr

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    Not sure if this helps but what did you use to convert the videos in the first place ?

    I believe that Moonshell 2 uses a slightly difference DPGencoder than that of Moonshell 1 & it could be this that's the problem
  3. JJBro1

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    i used super c
  4. Rayder

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    I've noticed this issue even with older versions of Moonshell. Seems to be something with the source file that was converted....maybe it's what converted it, but I've had that stuff happen too. Don't know if there really is a definitive way around it. I've used both SUPER and BatchDPG and end up with stuff like what you described happening....not all the time, but it does happen. Just seems to be certain vids will do that.