[Tutorial] Transfer Saves from PS2 to PS3

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    The purpose of this tutorial is to convert saves from physical PS2 memory cards to virtual PS3 Internal Memory Card, using a Windows PC, without using a PS3 Memory Card Adapter. In order to complete this tutorial, the PS2 needs to be running FMCB, and the PS3 needs CFW installed. This is necessary to give permission, from the console, to access the otherwise inaccessible partitions.

    PS2 (FMCB) [memory card] --> PC --> PS3 (CFW) [Virtual Memory Card]

    0. Download:

    1. PS2, MC Annihilator: create memory card .BIN image file.

    2. PS2, MC Annihilator: save .BIN to USB.

    3. PC: copy .BIN from USB to PC.

    4. PC, MyMC: export .BIN’s individual saves into .PSU save files.

    5. PC, PCSX2: format .PS2 save file (bypassing MagicGate encryption?).

    6. PC, MyMC: import .PSU into .PS2 formatted memory card file.

    7. PC: rename the .PS2 file extension to .VM2 (bypassing PS3's .PSV encryption?).

    8. PS3, ManaGunZ: copy .VM2 from USB to PS3's Internal Memory Card folder (dev_hdd0/savedata/vmc), using a PS3 file manager.


    9. PS3, (Safe Mode): Rebuild Database; Internal Memory Card will now show.


    10. The saves can now be exported from the PS3, in .PSV format, to a USB.
    As .PSV, they can now be imported to any PS3, CFW or OFW.

    Original Thread: https://gbatemp.net/threads/transferring-ps2-saves-to-ps3.540118/
    Thanks: TheBeverage

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    tremendous effort much appreciated
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