[Tutorial] Modding Super Smash Bros Wii U Stages

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    I posted this on another site but that site hasn't been stable lately so in case you guys miss it i'll paste my tutorial here. Hope this helps.

    Alright, so other people modded their own stage, some even created their own some how like the Metal Mario Stage. AWESOME JOB GUYS. But how do they do it? To be honest I don't know. But i made my own stages my ôwn way. Because many of you ask me on How to do it i'll show you guys how I do it.

    I'll make it easy to understand.

    Step 1: I want to make my own stage! ALRIGHT PAL! FIRST, pick a stage platform. Basically the GROUND or main stage of many stages. But, before you pick a ground stage let me show you what file is what. I've made many stages and learn a lot. Had a lot failed attempts because nobody was showing how but this is what I learned

    I love the stage Pyrosphere and I want to use the main stage to that, I want it in it's flat/omega form. Cause I love glory stages. Screw the platforms. End folder in stage = omega[​IMG]
    Here's Pyrosphere. Now like I said before I want the MAIN STAGE. The red arrow is where the main stage is located. How did I know that? It's all guesses I found out and tested while making stages. The 2 blue arrows are the backgrounds, flame etc. Main stages is what I called the ''Rings'' They come in different names. Main stages are usually: ''Rings RINGSXX stage stg main stage ground BattleRing Battlestage Floor'' and sometimes the main stages are named after the stage. Example: Metroid. But in this case it isn't. I never môded a ring file or metroid but this is my guess. [​IMG]
    This is another stage. Red arrow = Main Stage[​IMG]
    BattleRing the main stage here.

    The Main stage here is the name of the folder's name.
    So that's how you can find your main stage.
    So now that I have my favorite main stage, I want a background! How can I find them?
    Usually backgrounds are called '' BG, Backgrounds, SKY'' and for some reason I found a sky called GROUND. Annoying right? I think there's a way to figure them all out but nobody helping so bleh. Anyway.....[​IMG]
    In this occasion you have both Sky and BG. Obviously the sky files are actually the sky, day, night etc. That would make the BG file the Mountains in Gaur Plains because we are looking t the Xenoverse file. I want the mountains and not the sky files. So I'm extracting the BG.
    The yellow arrows are extra background stuff like the big guy, the sword, etc.

    Now that I have my mountains I still need a sky. I want an epic sky, dudes.
    See it's all guesses I'm making here. It's all about knowing the stage. The sky here is ''Background''. I guess this because the other files don't mention sky. Like ''MainWing'' we all know what that is. So, I think Helberd sky is epic. It's also the sky you see in Brawl's subspace. So I'm extracting this! [​IMG]
    Wait what???? 2 Main stages? Yup! Good thing i'm just after the background sky. But If i were to guess I'd say Battlestage is your main stage.
    Alright NERDS! We got our Stage our sky our background. What's next? Hey let's get somehting EXTRA! [​IMG]
    There's A LOT more stuff in the Melee folder so if you want more juicy content always look here. Hmmm... I'll get Mario's Ship from the Galaxy stage!.
    Mario's Ship(Mario's head in space) Has an animation folder. Usually if replace by another file with another animation It could crash. I'm taking it anyway.
    FINALLY! You have everything you want now pick a stage you want to replace. Any stage(nope) I'm choosing WiiFit Trainer's stage(Wiifit) melee stage. [​IMG]
    Here's the Wiifit stage and here are my guesses
    Red Arrow: MAIN STAGE
    Pink Arrow: The trainers who talk on stage
    Green Arrow: Wii balance board character that walks around.
    Purple Arrow: Your backgrounds I don't know what is what but those are your backgrounds.
    Orange Arrow: Gym Equipments
    ALL ARE GUESSES. I told some of you guys this and how difficult it kinda was to figure stuff out. I myself is still learning.
    The one below is obviously the wall(background). One on top is probably the sky you can't even see.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Alright I replaced the Floor with the main file from Metroid (Pyrosphere omega)[​IMG][​IMG]Putting Helberd sky on wall.[​IMG]
    That's all you really need. A stage and a background but I'm adding more.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    so I replaced the balance board guy with Mario's head
    [​IMG]This is why I replace Omega stages. Too much to replace and no delete button.[​IMG]ALRIGHT NERDS TIME TO TRY OUT MY NEW STAGE. I really hope it doesn't crash!

    My Mistakes:
    [​IMG]1st I didn't remove the gym equipment. You can't remove the equipment, however; because Mario's ship was no where to be found it's very useful because it got rid of the balance board. Mario's head is probably far from the x,y and z axis. USE HIS HEAD TO GET RID OF STUFF! 2nd mistake is pacman standing off stage. Heh I actually did this on purpose to show you guys why I mostly make my stages on omega. Too many platforms plus there's more you can't see. You can't get rid of them at the moment. Nobody hasn't showed me how or wants to show anybody. Sorry. Make stages on omega guys. 3rd Mistake, The floor is gone the Helberd sky is there. Where? Apparently the ''room''file is the Mirror and it's also the real wall that holds the mirror? This is hiding the helberd sky. it's reflecting the Gaur Plains but doesn't make sense. So it's more like a window. That's why you can kinda see 2 guar plains mountains.

    The staged turned out AWESOME! How did I fix? If it wasn't obvious after what I wrote then I'll explain. FIRST I put all the stuff on the OMEGA Wiifit stage. I replace all the gym equipment with Mario Heads including the Room file which removes them. Also I replaced the trainers with Mario ship/head. The bonus?
    [​IMG][​IMG]The stage changes every time a trainer appear. Pretty AWESOME!. RareKirby Stage my stage C: and I made this stage to help you guys. Did all this while typing here. I hope this helps guys. Now go have fun![​IMG]
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