[TUTORIAL] Make your own PS4 Linux distro from scratch


With the PS4 Linux scene slowly catching traction, especially with the awesome dev Nazky having ported SteamOS 3 to PS4, I am sure many of you are wondering how this is done, right? Like, how do they port Linux distros on to the PS4? How are the drivers made compatible with the PS4? How is Vulkan running so fine on the PS4? Well, the technical jargons aside, if you are anything like me, then, I am sure you have wondered and have wanted to try making your own Linux distro for the PS4.

Please understand that I am not claiming to be the first person to make a tutorial on this. I am sure somewhere around the web, a tutorial might exist. But, I plan to make this available for every beginner. Keeping that in mind, I have created a noob friendly tutorial covering each step of the process in extreme detail. And, I also have made video guides for everyone to follow properly.

On the forum, I will post a brief textual tutorial for building your own PS4 Linux distro from scratch. For a complete detailed tutorial, please visit my article on the blog.

1. ISO of the distro
2. VirtualBox
3. VirtualBox Extension Pack
4. USB drive
You can check our Downloads section for these.

Build your first PS4 Linux distro
I am going to divide the whole tutorial into 4 different parts

Part 1. Setup & install Linux to Virtual Machine
1. Install VirtualBox and Extension pack.
2. Setup a New VM on VirtualBox with atleast 12GB of space.
3. Install the Linux distro on it. Make sure you have a single partition mounted to /.

Detailed Video Tutorial for Part 1

Part 2. Install & Uninstall Packages, Update system
I will be showing the example for Fedora, but, if you need instructions for Ubuntu based distros, check the article.
1. Remove unnecessary packages. Eg.-
sudo dnf remove clipit
2. Install necessary packages. I would suggest you to check the command database for installing the most popular apps including Steam, Wine, Lutris, etc.
3. To update the system,
sudo dnf update

Detailed Video Tutorial for Part 2

Part 3. Install Linux drivers for the PS4
1. Download the Linux drivers for your distro from here.
2. Install them on Fedora by going into the folder one by one (for 64 bit and 32 bit) and run
sudo yum reinstall *.rpm
If you face driver conflicts, you will have to remove the older drivers. Instructions for the same can be found here.

Detailed Video Tutorial for Part 3

Part 4. Backup distro for installation on PS4
1. While on the distro on the Virtual machine, change directory to root by typing
cd /
2. Run
sudo tar -cvf ps4linux.tar.xz --exclude=/ps4linux.tar.xz --exclude=/var/cache --one-file-system / -I "xz -9"
3. After the process is complete, you will find the ps4linux.tar.xz in the root of your Linux filesystem.
4. Mount USB and copy the archive to USB for installation.

Detailed Video Tutorial for Part 4

And, that's it. You are ready to install the distro on your PS4. Btw, if you are looking to save time on installation, I suggest you check this article out where I show you a faster method of installation.

If you have any queries, please comment below or on my blog.



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May 25, 2020
Thanks for all the love, guys! Means a lot. Also, thanks to the mod who moved the tutorial to the front page.
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