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    Hackintosh Setup:

    Have you ever wanted to Run Mac OSX on your Laptop or Desktop? Well you can!
    These days it's way easier to setup a Hackintosh, the way i'll be showing you is rather simple;
    So let's get started!

    Things you Need:
    • A Computer with 2GB of RAM or Higher, and A 2.4GHZ or More CPU
    • A Computer (Or Mac) to setup your USB Installer
    • A Copy of OSX or a .ISO/.DMG (Do a Google Search); There are also Distro's (iATKOS/Niresh)
    • A 8GB USB or More
    • VirtualBox Installed (Or VMWare); And the ExtensionsPack
    Now go and create a New Virtual Machine:

    First Create a new Virtual Machine:

    Type "Mac OSX [Version]";
    After doing so, VB will Automatically select the Proper OS Settings!


    Then Select the Amount of RAM (Minimum 2GB or 2048MB)

    Select if you wish to create a New Virtual HDD or Not:

    Then After Allocating RAM (2048MB Minimum) Choose HDD Type (VDI):


    Then Choose HDD Style (Dynamic or Fixed):

    Note: Dynamic will Expand the Virtual HDD File as Files are added;
    But, Fixed will create a Virtual HDD File as a Fixed size (Ex: 128GB Selected, 128GB file Will be Made)


    Now Select the Name & Storage Size:

    Now we need to adjust some Virtual Machine Settings:
    Fist off, go to Storage; Then select the Iteam that Says "Empty";
    This is the Virtual CD/DVD Drive.
    Then Change the Disk file to either: "A Disk Image (.iso/.dmg), or a Physical Disk Drive."


    Then untick the option "Enable EFI";
    And if you'd like, Change Pointing Device to "PS/2."


    Now select the Amount of CPU Core's that'll be used:
    (Ex: 2Cores if your On a Duo CPU, or 4Cores if your on a Quad CPU, etc.)


    Then Click "Ok" to save the Changed Settings!
    Note: Make sure you have your USB Mounted in Ports/USB!


    After all of that, go ahead and Startup the Virtual machine;
    And follow the Onscreen Instructions:

    Some Common Bootflags are:

    "-v -x npci=0x2000 or 0x3000"

    -v: Will boot the Installer in Verbose mode, it's basically a Debug Mode.
    -x: Will boot the Installer in Safe Boot Mode, it's like Safe Mode in Windows;
    Only loading Internal Drivers not any 3rd party or External one's.

    npci=0x2000/0x3000: Can help with Hanging on PCI begin.

    Now after a Successful install, we need to Setup our USB Drive:

    First off we need to Open Disk Utility;
    Make sure your USB is formatted as "Mac OS Extended Journeled", with "MBR" in Options.


    Next we need to Mount our '.dmg" file or our Disk:

    Next click the "Restore" Tab:

    Now Click & Drag the USB Drive Partition:

    Now Click "Restore", enter your Password, and Sit-Back and Relax (Time: 24-40 Minutes)

    After The Restore, You may need to Install a Bootloader, Ex: "Chameleon, or Chimera. "

    Now Reboot your Physical PC, and Go to your BIOS.
    Make sure Booting From your USB Drive is Enabled!
    And Select you F-Key boot Menu, and Select your USB (Ex: USB Storage Device, or USB: [Model Name])
    Note: You can also Install OSX to an External HDD or SSD, i did so with my Fantom Green Drive 3 (1TB).

    If you Encounter any issues during Setup, please Comment below!
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    Could you maybe revert to default font colours?
    It's kinda hard to read on the dark theme.
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    yes indeed
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    Will my AMD cpu work for this?
  6. Dr.Hacknik

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    Yes, if your using a Distro....but when it comes to a Disk that you can buy, well that's a different story. But, there can be a few issues, and sometimes there might not be any. It's a win or loose type situation. If you have Intel hardware, it should work hands down!
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