Trying to clearify the potential dangers using CBHC

Discussion in 'Wii U - Hacking & Backup Loaders' started by cpmattes, Dec 14, 2016.

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    Oct 30, 2016
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    For my understanding, it shouldn't make a difference, if you move your haxchi-game around on the homescreen. Still I heavent't read anything, that really clearifies the situation, working through the whole CBHC-thread. Fix94 (thank you for aour hard work and the great result) said IF moving around the icon messes something up, he wouldn't know how to fix it.

    Some people (including me) moved their haxchi game to the last page of their homescreen, into a folder, then applied haxchi first, then cbhc without any issues. Can anyone share their ACTUAL EXPERIENCES and not speculations about moving the icon around on the menu or out of the folder, AFTER applying haxchi and cbhc? This would really help!

    It just makes sense. that setting CBHC up autobooting sysnand with sigpatches and then moving the haxchi game to another device like your usb-harddrive, this would result in a deadend boot, because you change the actual folder destination of the hacked game, so this wouldn't have to be discussed.

    Is ist possible then to fix the situation, by pressing the homebutton in FIX94s-bootscreen and for example chopse another booting target like homebrew launcher? Any other fix, when someone messes up like this?

    I think it will make sense to collect and discuss these experiences in a seperate thread, to streamline all info :)
  2. SomeGamer

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    Dec 19, 2014
    Moving the haxchi'd DS VC around the HOME Menu will never brick you, even if you put it in those little coloured folders. What bricks is if you either move it onto your USB Storage Device in System Settings, under Data Management or do some random stuff in ftpiiu_everywhere. The reason for this is because system.xml only stores the titleID, and it isn't changed. The DS VC's position on the HOME Menu is merely a cosmetic thing.
    Nope, because haxchi lauches that menu, so if you break haxchi, you also break that menu.
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