Trivial Pursuit problems

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    Ok, DL'd this game (full) a couple of days ago... played it with the wife... suspended gameplay, and turned off the Wii... now, today, I go and turn on the Wii, and disc isn't being recognized... all my other games are running fine...

    ripped the disc, and opened in WiiScrubber.

    Shows up as "Sample Game" as the title and being 651Meg


    Is there something wrong with this??

    I'm on a Yowii/Yaosm 3.0 chip, not a softmod. Like I said, every other game I have works perfectly.
  2. dudenator

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    Mar 7, 2009
    Have you tried cleaning the disc or reburning?
    thats usually the fix for me but i had to reburn madworld 4 times.
  3. Hadrian

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    Still works for me on Wiikey, the Mrs plays it a lot so its had enough goes I guess.

    This is the PAL release? I think the USA one got nuked for some reason.