Tritton ax720 mic problem on Mac.

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    I really hope this is the right place to post this. Many apologies if it's not.

    I just bought a Tritton ax720 headset with 5.1 digital surround. They work really well on my Xbox360, PS3, and even sound great on my Mac. My problem is that the microphone sounds incredibly bad on the Mac only. I'm relatively mac savvy and have spent the last hour or two researching this issue with no results. Anyone have any ideas? The only way to describe the audio issue is that it sounds like I'm a robot that echoes. It's very bad.

    I've tried hooking it up with the included headphone/mic plugs, but Macs, just to be difficult, won't pick up the mic in the line-in port. Only amps and things of the like. They force you to use the built-in mic. So i had to hook it up to go through the ax720's amp via USB. This is where the problem occurs.

    Through playing with different options, I was able to get the echoing to subside, but everything becoming terribly crackly. Again, this issue ONLY happens on my Mac but not on my systems.

    Any ideas? I feel like I've tried everything.

    Thanks, guys!