Homebrew Transferring WiiU Miis from computer to amibo to switch ?


May 6, 2020
United Kingdom
This question might seem complicated and the reason I want to do this is, 1. My WiiU is bricked (hardbrick), 2. My Switch is not softmodded, and 3. Its because the Mii that I want to transfer is not possible to create in the Switch Mii Maker.

For the detailed question: I want to create a Mii on the WiiU Mii Maker, that isnt possible to create on the Switch Mii Maker. The problem being, I dont have a WiiU since it's bricked.

I could create a mii on my computer (or someone else create it and send the file) and put in on an amiibo.

Problem 1: I dont have any software/website to create an mii with the WiiU Editor, same with transferring the Miis files to my amiibo.

Problem 2: (might not be a problem since I have no idea if it can make it easier) I dont have a softmodded Switch, and I do not plan on doing it.

Problem 3: I have no experience in transferring Miis and stuff, and how it works (file extension, how to transfer to amiibo, etc...).

Hope you can help me, even if it's just a bit of the question like giving me a software, it is greatly appreaciated.

Feel free to ask any questions in the answers.

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