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Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by Zesu-chan, Mar 9, 2009.

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    I shouldn't have to go through all this just to fix a voice glitch in one of my games. I can't figure out the source of my problem. I only know for sure that it's not the disk. I can't test my save game on other PS2s to see if it's a PS2 problem or a save file problem, because none of my close-by friends owns a PS2.

    OK, if anybody here plays Persona 3 FES, and you're willing to turn on your Persona 3 game and go to Tartarus to check something for me, then PLEASE send me a PM. One of my characters makes a strange buzzing noise sometimes when he attacks, and I don't want to go on with it like that.

    Now, in the case that nobody can help me like that, I have this inquiry:

    How do I transfer PS2 save games to my PC without spending any money? I have two USB drives and a lot of writable CDs to work with.

    Also, how do I transfer PC save games to my PS2 without spending any money?

    And last but not least, if anybody knows where I can get a Persona 3 FES save file that takes place only a few days after that one team member's death (can't remember his name but he wore a red coat and black hat), please tell me.
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    Never played the Persona series, but I can try to help you with the SAV issue. First off, is your PS2 modded? If so, then you can use uLe to put the SAV onto any USB drive. You can do the opposite too. If it's not modded, then you should be able to put in/take out SAVs through an AR using it's Memory Manager. Lastly, I have no idea where to get PS2 SAVs, but if you find one, LMK. I need to find a SAV of Marvel vs Capcom 2 so I can get all the characters.
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    Ask/look for saves on the gamefaqs Persona 3 FES board.