Transferring iTunes from PC to Mac

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    Jan 30, 2008
    Hey there. I am a dummy with the following items:

    - Macbook Pro
    - a Windows XP eeePC
    - a 500GB external portable HDD
    - an iPhone 4

    I've got my iPhone 4 synced up to the eeePC and I also use the eeePC for iTunes. Now that I've got a new Macbook Pro, I wanna transfer my files there. What I wanna do is to transfer my iTunes library and iPhone settings from the eeePC to my Macbook Pro. Now I'm assuming that I can easily do that my copying the iTunes folder to my HDD and take it from there. Is that a safe bet? I wanna keep my play counts and everything and most importantly, I wanna keep my iPhone backups. I don't know any other way of backing up the most important thing in my iPhone - the contacts. I've been told that jailbreaking is the solution but when I got the iPhone 4, it was on 4.1 already so I can't jailbreak right now.

    Can anyone help me? I don't know what to do exactly. Thanks [​IMG]