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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones and Media Players' started by Kouen Hasuki, Sep 22, 2013.

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    Do you guys attempt to train your battery on first use or every now and then or do you use it like normal from the word go, reason I ask is there is much conflicting information and arguements on the subject personally while it strains the battery from new I do full power cycle a battery when I get it new 3times and maybe every few months full drain and charge.

    Curious about you tempers on what you do!
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    You hear conflicting reports for the same reason you still hear people think that clearing cookies makes their computer go faster, etc. A lot of info is passed around almost like old wive's tales, even years after it stops being true (if it ever was).

    • Old types of batteries (nickel cadmium particularly) could use 'training' and such. That's where this info started getting spread around.

    • Newer ones do NOT need it, in fact lithium-ion/polymer batteries are PHYSICALLY DAMAGED if they lose too much charge (the fibers will crack). Because of this, most modern devices will actually report a little less power than they actually have, and do a force-shutoff if the power gets dangerously low, just to avoid actually running the battery dry.

    Apple's page on batteries...
    Used to have a bunch of the technical info, but it seems it's been dumbed-down since I last looked and only says what and not why anymore.

    So this looks like a good replacement article at first glance.
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