Touch screen not working properly with homebrew game

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    Recently I found out that a Rush Hour clone for the DS existed, Rush Hour DS controlled by the stylus. I tried it on No$GBA first and it looked and worked really well. So I decided to put it on my M3 Real and try it out. It's hard to control as the game sometimes not respond at all unless I click next to the sprite instead. I figured my touch screen wasn't calibrated correctly (even though it works with everything else). So I calibrate it, looks fine. I try the game, same problem. Still thinking it's my touch screen, I put my M3 in another DS Lite: Game works fine. I put it in my DS phat: Fine as well.

    Is this a common problem with homebrew on certain Ds-es? What can I do?

    Link to where I found Rush Hour DS:

    Thanks in advance [​IMG]
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    Old homebrew has old touchscreen code, simple as that. More than likely the other DSs you tried are simply more tolerant of the code.