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    Seemingly region free.

    Unknown how it plays without the board (it should be compatible with the boards used by Tony Hawk Ride seen as they are selling it game only but there also appears to be a new controller too).

    Tony Hawk's skateboarding/pro skater games have been around since the PS1 and have not had such a great time in recent years compared to the heyday in the late PS1/early PS2 days on home consoles (handhelds have fared decidedly better) thanks to a series of not so brilliant sequels (debate over the turning point has long raged with most settling on THPS4 as the last of the greats) and other franchises like Skate coming in an in many ways taking over (today also sees Shaun_White_Skateboarding_XBOX360-SPARE and Skate 3 has since/recently seen some good DLC bringing it back into contention). Back in the present last year saw it officially (third party makers have knocked out such things for about as long as the series has been popular) join the ranks of the music games via the mandatory use of a board controller- it made very mixed impressions with most of the positive words coming from the players (and indeed their money demonstrating as such). Snowboarding has been added to this version and it seems to retain the lack of focus on realism that Skate is known for and this series has long drifted towards. Last year lack of polish (including simple things like a frustrating menu) was the main gripes so it is to be seen whether the year has made all the difference or added another nail to coffin of a once truly brilliant series.


    reveal/trailer with a fair bit of gameplay