1. Larsenv

    OP Larsenv Dr. Wii, Ph.D

    Sep 28, 2013
    United States
    So I've been looking at my extra data dump that I've got from a New 3DS I've bricked (thank goodness I have this and replacing it with a New 3DS XL) to see what I could retrieve from this and came across a file called "savedata.txt" (who knows why it has .txt at the end lol) with all of my Tomodachi Life islander's catchphrases and stuff that I wouldn't want to lose.

    Since I have that, is it possible that I can put this back in the New 3DS XL when I have it?


    P.S. I've gotten good with Python coding, hex editing, decryption, etc. so I would love to make a save file editor for this game. If I get the save file back I would probably do so.
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