THQ Nordic showcase reveals new South Park, TMNT, and Titan Quest games

Publisher THQ Nordic unveiled a slew of new games during its digital showcase today. We'll be breaking down the games announced and summarizing all the reveals made.

First shown was the Alone in the Dark reboot. The initial trailer was a story teaser for one of the game's protagonists, Edward Carnby. A prologue is now available to download.

The next reveal was a new South Park game. Featuring co-op multiplayer, it brings 3D to South Park. It'll be launching in 2024.

An overview trailer for an open-world action game, Outcast: A New Beginning. It's a third-person shooter, and your character has a jetpack to traverse with.

Wreckcreation is a racing game where you get to build your own crazy race tracks with loops and speed boosts, and then race through them.

Titan Quest is getting a sequel. The SpellForce 3 developers will be developing this revival to the franchise, which came out in 2006.

This next title is a strategy game where you have to take a train through a war-torn country. You'll need to protect the train and those within in, with real-time combat. It's called Last Train Home.

Trine 5 announced. It's a co-op 4-player game.

Space for Sale has you playing as a small creature, crafting things and building bases on space planets. A closed beta will be available soon.

Hunting game Way of the Hunter: Tikamoon Plains is out now.

Tempest Rising is a base-building RTS, inspired by classic 90s RTS games. There's 3 factions you can choose to play as, and a playable preview is available today.

Gothic is getting a remake for modern platforms. There's no release date or gameplay, but a new story trailer provides an update on the game's development, which was announced in 2019.

TMNT: The Last Ronin is getting a game.


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Aug 9, 2023
United States
I liked the 3D South Park games on the N64, replayed through South Park 64 a couple years ago with a friend, although the aliens were way OP. Excited to check this one out too even though the 2D ones were great and very different. Also whenever cartman wears that hat I'm in


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Jan 10, 2013
United States
I took the opportunity to watch the replay of the showcase yesterday, and it was just to bland for my taste. I can't really think of any of the titles that caught my attention except maybe for the announcement of the TMNT: The Last Ronin that's currently in development, but that's a/b it.
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