Theta to Xi save conversion.

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    Ok, so I can't find the thread detailing how to do this, but I now have a 3rd party memory card and tried to wing it. What I did was take the save that was used in theta and put it onto my pc with GCMM. (I think it was called --LUIGI_MANSION_SAVEDATA_v3.gci) and then I deleted it from my memory card, made a new save file in Xi, and copied that over too. (I think it was called 01-GLME-LUIGI_MANSION_SAVEDATA_v3.gci) I opened them both in HexEdit and changed it so that the first line of numbers was the same, so it now had the GLME01 at the beginning. I then renamed the old theta file to 01-GLME-LUIGI_MANSION_SAVEDATA_v3.gci (the same as the Xi save) and put it back onto my SD card. I opened GCMM, restored the save, and opened Luigi's mansion with the Xi cMIOS. It said 'the save data is corrupt and has been deleted' (or something to that effect)

    What did I do wrong? If it helps, I also converted a theta save of 4 swords in the exact same way, and while I haven't actually played it, it did read my save file as being in world 2, where it had before just read nothing. Could it just be that the save somehow got corrupted during either the transfer from my PC to SD Card, or from the SD Card to the memory card in GCMM?

    P.S.-Why is GBATemp so slow right now???? All day pages have taken well over a minute to load... maybe it's just me... Please answer my first question and don't make this just a thread about why GBATemp is slow [​IMG]
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    go into my profile and its one of my threads.