1. Aimen

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    Well, like the title says, TheGHOST made a main.dol in the temp map that are 2gb big. Is that the game? Now, if i insert it on a sd card and open homebrew channel and start the main.dol, should it work? xD n00b quest, know but i have not a 3gb sd card so i wonder if you guys can test, if it is possible. I dont think so but always a test. Maybe recode it so it work something xD
  2. Deleted-171178

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    I think the main.dol contains the information for reading from the disk.
  3. Aimen

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    But the game is scrubbed from music, yes, i mean gh3! So it's why it's 2gb, but you can have right about that the main.dol is the information about read..... 2GB INFROMATION?! WTF!?
  4. Aimen

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    Any know?
  5. Deleted-137257

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