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    No DLC and XBLA post today- not a great deal of note that has not already been covered has appeared so no worries there. Back on topic

    Region locked PAL only apparently- for the few possible JTAG users out there who might play this be aware there is a new form of region coding seen the other day in Quantum Theory but dashlaunch updates and plugins for older versions are available. No word on US release.

    In this game medieval means 100 years war although it is a somewhat under-represented period in RTS games it seems. Split between PC, PS3 and 360 and made by Slitherine Software UK who do have several PC RTS games under their belt with fair to middling reviews as well as a few other games in different genres and consoles (with the other games in the series having not fared well).
    Still RTS games rarely work (least of all massively complex ones like this purports to be- developers and blurb do speak of it having something of a role playing game- probably should think back to the likes of warhammer dark omen and maybe shogun total war) on consoles that use controllers and one developed simultaneously for three platforms (two consoles) does not stand a great chance of overcoming the odds here and being both good and not a watered down version of the PC version so approach with caution.


    Developers interview and gameplay video