The Worldburners (Epic Poem)

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    (Edit: I know it's a little rough around the edges. =P Especially some of those rhymes. Originally, it was intended to be a novel, and I may actually flesh out the full thing later.)

    The Worldburners (Poem)

    (Part One: The Fools)

    One day, two souls sat connected

    'Cross two bright screens, communication perfected

    One named Good John, the other named Ra

    Each to the other held something in awe

    From Ra to Good John, his darkness was his worth

    Such hate that he'd ne'er cried, even in birth

    From Good John to Ra, enlightenment was seen

    Wisdom from across space and time he could glean

    And so Ra told Good John a tale

    Of the four evil men, who would see mankind fail

    The Builder, The Puppet, The Leader, and The Pope;

    Four world kings who would leave us without hope

    And so Good John and Ra took to the stage

    Two against the world; the battle of the age

    (Part Two: The Builder)

    Our two heroes met, in an icy cave

    In the midst of Missouri, during a wintry wave

    Ra brought tools of disguise with him

    A wheelchair with which to appear cripple in limb

    Good John brought the only thing he'd need

    His long steel katana, to make his foes bleed

    And so our heroes set off to slay their first dragon

    The builder for whom they'd build a welcome wagon

    The nearby town held a parade

    Just for The Builder, freedom as their charade

    Good John stood atop a civil war float

    Which they had built as their warboat

    As the crowd cheered, they passed the Builder's Hall

    An enormous cannon extended into its wall

    The Builder spoke inside, to his brothers of his plan

    To build a new world order, obedient to his clan

    Only when he saw the ballast, did he give it concern

    That all which is built, must ultimately burn

    The cannon erupted, fire from within

    Destroying the Builder and all of his kin

    The charred ruins of the builder's hall littered the snowy lands

    As the vast crowd screamed, and police shouted commands

    "Catch those bastards, those scoundrels, those fools!

    Don't let them get away with their death-dealing tools!"

    Twasn't long 'fore the guard realized their fall

    A horde of men versus Good John is no fight at all

    And so with builder slain did our heroes slip away

    To find the time to fight another day

    (Part 3: The Puppet)

    With Ra's devices they found an abandoned place

    In New Mexico, a long dead military base

    With weapons left over, and metal aplenty

    Ra got to work on tools worthy of 2020

    Robots and gadgets as far as the eye could see

    Ra's genius was magnificent, any could agree

    Small mech spiders, which could cling to walls

    Reproduce and fire small exploding balls

    Fast as lightning, disastrous as a flood

    These fatal devices could spill record blood

    Good John looked on, confused and curious

    He said in a moment unusual and spurious;

    "That's funny,", said he, his question began,

    "I always thought robots to look more like man."

    Ra chuckled, cavorted and laughed.

    "Good John, something you must know of this craft."

    "Man's form is merely functional, not awesome or grand."

    "So much better can be done with my hand."

    "If you want to know the truth, good friend of mine..."

    "Only one reason exists to create a manbot in my mind."

    And so we turn to a white house on a hill

    Where the Puppet enjoys of the world's wealth his fill

    Though he is to lead his great nation

    He desires only to do the will of the corporation

    He does as they ask without questioning their clutch

    Just a cut of the action, it isn't asking too much

    He feels safe surrounded by men with guns

    Surely nothing can touch him, his wife or his sons

    The sound of gunfire erupts in the hall

    His men decapitated, after sounding an evac call

    The strange creatures flood the Puppet's house

    As he frantically searches for his missing spouse

    He finds her at last as the helicopter does arrive

    They both climb in, the Puppet happy to be alive

    As they ascend, he leans in to the first lady's face

    Hoping to kiss and in the face of death embrace

    But no hope or solace from his wife does he gain

    As instead her face splits in twain

    A shotgun thrusts into his mouth where his wife's tonuge should be

    At last the man knows there is nowhere to flee

    And so the Puppet learns, with his last thought

    All wealth comes at a price, which he bought

    The gun chamber fires, The Puppet's life erased

    All that remains is a pink gooey paste

    (Part 4: The Leader)

    So Good John and Ra grinned, two down, two to go

    They felt they were achieving quite a wonderful flow

    Just as the last modifications on his manbot were placed

    Did Ra realize they were being traced!

    Hurrying and scurrying, collecting what they must

    Including a strange pistol and a bag of metallic dust

    Good John and Ra left their beloved base

    Of which their activities left not even a trace

    Boarding a train in disguise to slay their next dragon

    Their next destination was the U.N. in Manhattan

    Arriving at night, they approached the new bullet trains

    The system that had cost taxpayers many deserved pains

    Reaching into his bag, Ra took out some dust

    Breathing in deep, he pursed his lips and puffed

    The dust covered the train, with mysterious intent

    Ra assured his friend it was needed for the following event

    He took Good John's blade and with powder he dusted

    Good John watched on as the blade which he trusted

    Turned from silver to ebony, quite the shocking shift

    Ra assured him he had given the sword a lethal lift

    "Dust to dust, ash to ash;

    Your blade turns blood to oil in a flash!"

    Good John grinned, a merciless smile

    As the duo returned to their hotel for a while

    They boarded the train at 6:23

    Both were nervous, but both filled with glee

    As the train started, Ra's plan reveals

    The engine changed shape, and sprouted spiked wheels!

    The locomotive sped faster, and flew off the track

    Towards the U.N. building it intended to wrack

    And so was revealed the contents of the bag

    Nanobots by the thousands, whose effects didn't drag

    The crowd screamed in terror, with nowhere to flee

    Each praying to their God, "Oh Lord, please save me!"

    "Everyone, calm down!", Ra started to say

    "If you'll all just cooperate, you won't die today."

    "Our trouble, certainly, is not with you."

    "This train we're using against where we're going to."

    "Sit down, allow us do what we may..."

    "And I promise, you will all be okay."

    Just then loud sirens erupted from outside

    Military forces had come to stop this ride

    And Ra brushed the last powder on Good John's boots

    So he could handle the speed and fight men with suits

    Good John stood and faced the army, drawing his blade

    Which now glistened a dark obsidian shade

    As the first solider dropped down, Ra sliced him in two

    The nanobots turned his blood to petroleum true

    He splashes the oil on the solider's necks like a murderous vandal

    And strikes his blade against the train, like a match to light a candle

    The trail of oil turns to fire instantly

    Lighting a flame noose around their necks brilliantly

    They choke as they burn, their corpses incinerated

    Good John laughs with raw evil, truly exhilarated

    Just then three jets in a V formation scream in from above

    Which gave Good John an idea about how these birds he could dispose of

    Drenching his blade with more blood turned to oil

    He splatters the stuff on the jets like an ignition coil

    Striking his blade against the steel on the train

    The 3 jets exploded, their pilots screaming in pain

    The train would near its final destination soon

    To get back in the train John knew it was opportune

    As Good John returned to the train's interior

    He couldn't help but feel rather superior

    Ra announced to the crowd that they would all be free before long

    Free, too, of the treachery the Leader had planned all along

    Inside the UN building, the Leader had spoken

    Of world peace eternal and always unbroken

    Of course, to the leader, this was naught but a joke

    It was world peace under HIM of which he spoke

    But when the Leader saw, speeding at him 500 miles an hour

    The bullet train which rode towards him with unbridled power

    He realized what happened when just two people united

    To bring peace to the WHOLE world would be rather shortsighted

    The crunch against the wheels confirmed the Leader was roadkill

    Good John and Ra's victorious laughter was indeed rather shrill

    The train sped past the headquarters, leaving only rubble in its wake

    Crashing through all that cement didn't even cause the engine to brake

    The crowd screamed some more as they headed towards the sea

    With no sign of stopping, it seemed Ra broke his guarentee

    He quickly showed, them, however, that there was no need to worry

    He activated the evacuation systems in a hurry

    Like popcorn, the people popped out of the train

    With parachutes to ensure on they'd land safely on plain

    But Good John and Ra stayed on the ship

    It seemed they were in for a death trip

    Their pursuers chased faster, more fast cars and jets

    Their nearing the ocean caused Good John to break out in sweats

    "Just what are you doing, Ra, can't you see?"

    "Have you lost your mind? We're approaching the sea!"

    "Have faith, Good John, calm down and watch."

    "I assure you our plan I have no intent to botch."

    The train leapt into the ocean, and left nothing to chase

    Their pursuers stopped suddenly, feeling utter disgrace

    "One day, we'll catch those bastards, I swear it!"

    Said the hardboiled Commander Thomas McTalbit

    (Part 5: The Pope)

    Meanwhile, Good John had thought Ra had truly gone crazy

    Letting the train sink into the ocean would be kindly called lazy

    Ra pushed a button once more, however

    Showing his mind to still be quite clever

    The same force which had changed the train before

    Had now turned the vehicle into a submarine and more

    Comfortable seats and a bench for Ra to steadily work on

    Ra took out the pistol and powder and worked dusk to dawn

    When finished, he showed the pistol to Good John

    It was ivory in color, with several numbers etched on

    "0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8"

    Ra proceeded to explain this trait

    "You should always have a contingency plan."

    Started Ra, his explanation began

    "Let's just say that if things go wrong..."

    "I will force this whole wide world to play along."

    For the first time, Good John saw in Ra

    The same darkness he held in his heart so raw

    He shrugged it off, however, and asked,

    "What of the Pope, of our targets last?"

    Ra's teeth shone, as bright as the sun

    "Good John, my boy; it's already done."

    Meanwhile, in China, the emporer reads a document dump

    Sent to them expressly, by one "Agent Trump".

    The proof is perfect, it can't be some strange fluke

    The US plans to attack China, with a huge nuke!

    The emporer was furious, the U.S. he cursed

    He decided, if anything, he was going to strike first

    He gave the order, the nuke sent flying away

    Towards America, but then oddly started to stray

    We now turn towards the Vatican, where the Pope does reside

    To the top of the tower, he and his choir stride

    The Pope smiles, his lips curl as wide as he would dare

    With the other world kings, this world he needn't share

    His absolute control over the religions of people

    Means the world is subservient to the church with the steeple

    Though The Pope thought it strange to see, in the sky

    A dark cloud looming. It's not going to rain, so why?

    Strange as well was of one choir member

    Why she would beep, he could not remember

    And so the secret worshippers of Horus

    Began to sing their heavenly chorus

    "Haaaaaaark the Heraaaaaald Aaaaangels, siiiiiiing!"

    "Glooooryyy toooo, the newborn Kiiiing!"

    It was then, as the nuke fell from above

    Did the Pope of his end become aware of

    Just before he witnessed the radiant light

    Did he realize hell burns a nuclear white

    The mushroom cloud erupts from the tower

    Destroying the symbol of religion's power

    In God's protection, they could have faith no more

    'Twas the message that sounded, with the nuclear roar

    (Part 6: Born Crying)

    Watching the explosion from their new home

    (Another abandoned base, shaped like a dome)

    Our two heroes cheered, their goals at last complete

    They couldn't believe they'd accomplished this feat

    When all of a sudden, out of the blue

    Came Commander Thomas McTalbit's crew

    They surrounded Good John and Ra from every side

    Their only option for survival was to hurry inside

    So the military chased them through the labyrinthine maze

    Seeking to bring a bullet-filled end to their days

    Good John and Ra fought until they came to a dead end

    Army men not far behind, just around the bend

    Good John escaped, leaping up to a wall

    Waiting for a chance to have a man to maul

    Ra brandished the pistol with many a strange number

    Pointed it to his head, as though embracing death's slumber

    Envisioning what would happen, he swallowed and began to snigger

    But the men with guns shot him before he could pull the trigger

    Good John leapt down and cut their heads off

    Rushing to Ra, who was bleeding with a cough

    And so from Ra to Good John, from man to man

    A bloody, heartrending scene began

    "Good John...thank you for coming with me on this crazy trip."

    Said Ra as he handed, weakly, Good John the pistol grip

    "If you've ever believed in anything we've fought for, then I have one last request."

    "Put the gun to your head and pull the trigger.", said Ra, his last breath leaving his chest.

    And so it was for the first time ever in his life

    That Good John felt truly honest strife

    For his only friend had told him with breath last

    To end his own life with one final pistol blast

    With first tears in his eyes, Good John began to run

    His true brother dead, his life entirely undone

    He cut through the hordes that were chasing him down

    Sorrow weighing on his head as the heaviest crown

    At last as he remembered his friend's final words he stopped

    His sword from his mighty grip at last dropped

    With much sweat he placed the gun to his skull

    His sadness far too leviathan to lull

    His finger pulled the trigger hard

    The bullet penetrates his brain guard

    The slug burrows through his brain to the seat of his soul

    And from within begins to expand a white hole

    With numbers 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and 13

    This was the power of the Fibonacci Machine

    The men turned the corner, firing bullets brutal

    Their firepower, however, was utterly futile

    The orb swallowed the bullets, continuing to grow fast

    The men were swallowed, their escape couldn't outlast

    The white hole, it seemed, continued to grow

    Nothing could stop it, it wouldn't even slow

    The news soon reported, of a military base destroyed

    By some cosmic abberation, the all-consuming void

    All virtue; compassion, truth, generosity and love

    Was swallowed by the world-eating sphere we speak of

    It swallowed cities, then nations, then a whole hemisphere

    Those rich enough to flee did, the others stayed "here".

    So the richest souls alive spent their last moments as such;

    Huddled on an iceberg in the antarctic, money as their crutch

    The Earth was finished and then mars was done

    Venus, then Mercury, and finally the Sun.

    Every planet and every star

    Fell victim to this cosmic scar

    To the universe's farthest edge

    Did the Fibonnaci Effect dredge

    Consuming all within its wake

    Good John did at last awake

    So it was through loyalty undying

    Even God was born crying

    (The End)
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    Liked it. If the inspiration's still there, you should definitely try making a novel out of it.


    Dude, you gotta see this [assuming you haven't already, that is]
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    Hey, thanks, Shinigami! It's actually part one of a two part story. I might have spoiled a bit too much by putting this here, though, since you're actually supposed to read the second part before the first one. =P But, you know, I release what I can.
  4. Shinigami357

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    Consider me first in line waiting to read part 2...

    *Sets up camp to wait for part 2*
  5. Wolvenreign

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    Well, I do have a couple of chapters written, but they're also a little rough. I'll post them in a second.

    Edit: By the way, Shinigami, did you have a favorite part? If so, what was it? Thanks in advance! ^_^
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    This is awesome. It was a really good ride to be sure. I like how you named John and Ra too. They kinda compliment each other (isn't Ra an Egyptian God, and wasn't John one of Jesus' disciples?)
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