The World Ends With You Problem

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by fojo101, May 15, 2009.

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    I got my acekard a while ago, and my friend showed me this game that I wanted. I downloaded it, but when I played it it froze in the cinamatic when you run right passed th guy with the benie, after you ran from the frogs. I thought it was just the version I downloaded so I just downloaded another copy, but it did the same thing in the exact place. Then I thought it was coincidence so I downloaded a different copy but yet again it just froze in the same spot. I copied my friends working copy but it still froze in the same spot. My friends all have different cards, the friend I got my copy from uses an iTouch, while my other friend uses a TT, and my other friend who has the game uses an R4. I am now coming to believe that it is my Acekard and I was wondering if anyone else knew what I could do, if they have and Acekard with a working copy of The World Ends With You?
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    It works just close the ds for a while and open it again. IIRC AKAIO also fixed this problem and it might be your memory card speed.
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    this is an issue with the sd card.
    First what loader are you using acekards or akaio?
    also copy the files off the sd card and format with the panisonic formater
    I have heard you can get though it with shutting and opening the ds thought that cut screen to solve that problem.

    Also do a search before posting this has been answered many of times
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    have you considered using google and the gbatemp search button? this is a very old problem which has solutions and/or has been completly fixed in some firmwares.

    -another world