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    Hello tempers,

    I´ve been playing the world ends with you till the end of the 3rd week, but now I´ve encountered a quite strange bug.When I started the world ends with you on my r4 all my items ( clothes cd´s etc. except pins) were mus rattus hats with no stats. The food also gives me 0 attack. So do I have to restart all over or can I fix this somehow?
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    hmm...that happened to me too...i could never fix it so all i did was start over...but instead of starting over,how about getting a finished sav? it lets you choose which chapters u want to play.u could just choose the chapter you were on before and you are all set.i am putting a finished sav file on the download section soon.maybe you could try that ^.^
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    heres my save, its not 100% completed as far as hidden noise, caps and stuff goes, but it has the main game finished and chapter selection unlocked, so you can finish the maingame and then decide to restart or not

    i leveled slightly, so you might wanna adjust that in the menue (awsm that you can reduce your level btw)

    rename it according to your game, it might save you some frustrating hours