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    I am currently creating a softmod manual, like HomebreWare, but free and up to date.
    I am trying to make it look like the Wii Operations Manual (that comes with the wii)
    What I've basically done so far is just a concept
    I've gathered many tutorials from wiibrew and gba...
    and a downgrading one from piratebay...

    here is the list so far..
    i think this is the order

    formatting the SD
    SD files setup
    Backing up save data (optional)
    copying the twilight hack
    Installing the homebrew channel
    downgrading to 3.2 (this is a tutorial for 3.4 will it work on 3.3?)
    Brick proofing w/StarFall
    Recovering from a Brick
    Installing the backup channel
    Installing DVDX
    Mii Proofing (basically just deleting all dangerous apps)

    Above are the pages i've done allready
    (I will revise these demo pages)

    index and disclaimer not yet written
    and there might be an introduction

    here are the tutorials I haven't finished
    (I want to gather screen shots and make it look more pro)

    Apps Instruction Manuals
    -and much much more

    How to burn a wii game w/ IMGburn
    How to rip a wii game w/SD Dumper
    How to make a wad w/wadder
    How to Fix Errors #001 & #002

    I really need some feedback from you guys,
    I come here for the best of the best...
    (and I really dont want to brick anyone's wii)
    so if anyone has any suggestions on...
    -some kind of disclaimer
    -wii hazards (safer ways of doing something)
    -better ways to write something (more professional)

    all constructive criticism is welcome
    oh i also need help with Wii screen shots if anyone can...
    well i basically need help with everything but putting it together
    I would greatly appreciate it

    i just want to make an easy, safe, all know source to softmodding
    thx alot to anyone that will help,
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    Looks nice, I will read it all later.
    Anyway, I read the mii proofing page. I wouldn't delete the wads folder, it contains the .wads that you will need to uninstall the apps. You should say something about making a backup of all the content in those folders before you delete them.

    And there are a few errors ( your // you're )

    Great job so far =)
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    "Any Title Deleter"

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    I'll be giving this out on a CD so they will have the wads in case they need them
    in the future. (I will fix the your and add the info bit)
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    check the hacking faq while your at it and add all the info there into your... also a link to this site and a few others would be good for people that have issues following instructions
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    here comes mass