The female yeti race in TP

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    Nov 14, 2008
    Seriously, I've tried well over 20 times. Two of my friends have tried that many times between them and my brother's tried about 10 times. We can do the major, chasm shortcut and stay ahead of her all the way but always fuck up at the last corner. Whether we play it safe (apart from the shortcut) or take the other minor shortcuts too, she's always right behind us and will overtake the moment we stop pressing "up" on the analogue stick. It seems impossible to take the final turn while pressing "up" but if you let go, she overtakes immediately anyway. I've seen videos of it on YouTube and they just do what we do - just they take the final corner properly.

    We've seriously spend over 50 attempts on this - that's over an hour in total - but still can't beat this incredibly annoying mini-game. So, any tips? If I do this, I've done every single thing in the game apart from get all 60 poes.