The Differences Between Translating And Localizing

Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by gamecaptor, Nov 28, 2014.

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    Oh I saw about "Ace attorney" and gave a big step back before reading ...
    This game is something that was very exaggerated.. I mean , it for "ERBS M" players right? so why the necessity of making it too "understandable for the other culture" that changing the place to Los Angeles was really necessary?(even if it for kids, idk why this could not be keept as japan :P) I think MATURE gamers would be open to understand " oh it's obvious made in japan and take place there " ... since even a lot of cartoons/movies that take place in somewhere that wasn't where it was produced.. so why his too much care?

    and other BIG problem of "localization" is that it don't affect only the country that it was made but the other! I mean .. pokemon as example, all other languages are made by the english version, this is even why they changed character and pokemon names in another countries, to don't be like the other localization (and stating again from the japanese at the start world be a lot of work so :P) , and some other languages (like Spanish) it's not even changed at all, so "charmander" that suit the USA well players don't have the same effect to the spanish players, unless they know english :P
    And other problem is that other countries don't have it at all, like me (Brazil), so, my personal thought is that , if the game isn't in my language, why do I have to take something that aren't "made for my understanding" unless I have some knowledge about language and culture, aren't the same did on the original, but something they changed?

    Other example that these aren't necessary at all is for how the USA comics are translated here nowadays (in old times they were adapted but now they are very close to the original) like the last I read was " Y the last man". let's make the points: It happen in USA, there a LOT of reference, jokes and everything that are made for the native readers (like Ace attorney I guess? :P), so they kept a lot of then, like talking about celebrities, old usa stuff and all, but they made a note explaining that on an last page... one that I don't forget is about "sugar, spice and everything good", I had no idea that it was a children songs that where leached on schools there, for all Brazilian "without this knowing" and thing that it would be a reference to powerpuffgirls, because nobody know that PPG was a reference to that as well, and explaining that was nice because gave me a new knowing, they could just let it in blank or just change to some joke everybody would understand but maybe not affect in the same way :P so it's very relative ... changing culture isn't nice and sometime (like inazuma elven) looks more like xenophobia than localization :/