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    As many of you already know, to get the 3D effect, you need to look at the screen straight on. When you start tilting and moving the 3DS, though, you lose that "sweet-spot" and the 3D effect disappears until you readjust. What I just found out though (well, actually, i found out a while ago before I got my replacement 3DS) is that although tilting and moving the 3DS makes you lose that 3D effect, in some certain angles, it has it's own sweet spot that actually lets you see the 3D effect.

    When you activate the 3D via the 3D slider, turn the 3DS left to right. As you can see from the screen, it makes it look like it's holographic with a grey tinted bar appearing once in a while as you turn it. I don't truly know the details of the hardware of the screens and how they work but if you slowly tilt the 3DS to just about when the grey bar disappears from the edge of the screen, you'll get a sweet spot in an angle that's not straight on. I would say it's about 45 degrees turned from the straight on position to get that other sweet spot.

    This is interesting because I thought the screens were designed to target images to each eye and to get that effect, you'd need to look at the screens directly to the front. I guess not though and it can work in some other angles.

    WARNING if you want to try this out: If you're those people who get sick and nauseated from looking at the 3D screen, I DO NOT suggest you try this. I'm one of those people who can look at the 3D screen for hours on end without getting sick and by moving the 3DS left and right to try and give proper instructions on how to do this made me somewhat nauseated. So don't try it unless you think you'll be okay after [​IMG]
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    From what I've seen too, there isn't one sweet spot, but three. Like you said, about 45 degrees from the main sweet spot on either side is another sweet spot. However, the other two sweet spots aren't as strong as the main one, but it works.

    Then there are two spots between the main sweet spot and the other sweet spots, in which the 3D effect works the opposite of how it should. Meaning that the background sticks out, and foreground falls in. It's most likely a result of the two images being sent to the wrong eyes. Its way more disorienting then the normal effect, so be warned.
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    Its because the parallax barrier has multiple vertical slits allowing each eye to see a different part of the 3d depth, so as you move to a side the greyish/black hue is a sorta no viewable part of the slit and as you keep moving you then focus back in between the next set of slits. Like looking through the teeth of a hair comb
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    That actually pretty cool. [​IMG]

    Unless info,but you can tilt you head for vertical 3D. Are gamers willing to do that or are dev willing to risk that is probably not. [​IMG]
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    I noticed multiple "sweet" spots a week ago when my friend was like turn on the 3d effect and he was like cool even though he wasnt seeing it head on. I then started tilting it to see if he wasnt just being stupid and saying he could see the 3d effect and sure enough I found out if u tilt it just right u can see the 3D. Pretty cool i guess lets poeple next to you see the effect also i guess.
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    Yup I found this the day I got my 3DS. Was going to make a topic about it too but you beat me to it [​IMG]