Test Gateway Card on 3DS for Fake..

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    i didn´t find a answer to my following Question(s) on GBA or Google, so i have to ask..

    Situation: I have a 3DS XL on Firmware 9.2.0-20E and get a Gateway-Card in a few days (used in exchange for a few things).

    1. How can i absolutly made myself clear that the Gateway Card i get is not a Fake one?
    2. Can i put/use the Gateway Card in my 3DS without the (soon to come) new Firmware for 9.XX from Team Gateway, or will this Brick something inside the Gateway or my 3DS?
    3. Can i use the blue Card without the new Firmware-Update from Gateway (since it is only a DS-Game Card clone (Ace-Card??)).

    Everything else is nearly clear to me and i read a lot of tutorials and watched some You-Tube Videos on how to use the Card AFTER i get the new Update from Gateway, but i wanted to be shure that the Card i soon receive is no clone or fake (and will brick my pressious 3DS).

    Thanks for your kind help..

    (Sorry for the (maybe) bad English, it´s not my native Language)

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    Sep 23, 2013
    1. buy from a reputable reseller
    2. nope, you will have to wait for the announced 9.0-9.2 update.....DO NOT run any updates in the meantime unless gateway announce them as safe to run
    3. nope, the bluecard only works upto 6.x, so it wont run on 9.2

    and for the record, we don't exactly know what the setup process will be for 9.x consoles, so feel free to read up, but things might will certainly be different for 9.x consoles
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    Dec 17, 2013
    1. Buy from a site listed on Gateway's official page. When you get the cart, make sure there isn't a pin shorter than all the others. That's all you can do AFAIK.
    2. AFAIK it won't brick anything, it just won't work.
    3. I think it should work but I'm not sure. See above.

    In the future post these type of questions here: http://gbatemp.net/threads/3ds-noob-paradise-ask-questions-here.359035/

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    i don't recommend you getting a gateway now! honestly you don't know if you're required to flash your gateway in order to update you might end up searching for a 4.x console to do that ,so i advice you to Waite until they start shipping them updated with 9.x support