[Temporary Solution] NTR Debugging Mode Connection Issue

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    Jan 31, 2015
    If after enabling debugging mode, if you are still getting the following error when sending command in NTR Debugger:

    connect('3ds console IP',8000)

    gives you this error after some time:

    "A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond connect('3ds console IP',8000)"

    You can try this:

    1) Install the MicroSD Management (pasta fix) cia by @gamesquest1


    2) Boot NTR (using BootNTR cia) once it is loaded get back to HOME screen, hold X + Y keys and then enable debugging mode

    3) Turn on WiFi and run MicroSD Management application you just installed. Select the WiFi connection that you use.

    4) Once it is connected, now in NTR Debugger applicaton on PC you can try sending the connect command:

    connect('3ds console IP',8000)

    It should connect almost immediately.

    * You can find 3ds console IP from your WiFi router page which shows computer list, look for "Nintendo" device.

    Optional (if you trying to stream video on N3DS, using NTR 3.4 Preview2 or higher) :

    If you have NTR 3.4 Preview2 or any higher build and would like to stream video to PC:

    6) Open NTR Viewer application on PC

    7) You should now send remoteplay() just after the connect command you sent in step 4.

    * NTR Viewer should start streaming right away (ignore NTR Debugger disconnecting, it's normal)

    8) You can now exit MicroSD Management (it will go back to HOME screen and will show an error, this is normal)

    NOTE: This is temporary solution, as after exiting MicroSD Management you cannot access NTR menu.

    PS. Sorry for the poor guide and if it not in correct forum section.
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    Never had this issue before. The only thing I had, was the issue with Pokémon ORAS, that are disconnecting after the title screen. The fix for this:

    1. Enable debugger on your new3DS (NTR)
    2. Start NTRDebugger and write: connect('192.168.X.X', 8000) OR ('172.20.X.X', 8000) for using hotspots like your phone.
    3. Write down the following: write(0x0105AE4, (0x70, 0x47), pid=0x1a)
    4. Write: remoteplay() and start the NTR viewer
    5. Launch ORAS and it won't disconnect you.
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  3. Just3DS

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    Jan 31, 2015
    Well in my case it never connected. It waits for few seconds and then throws lots of errors in NTR Debugger. GW 10.6 emuNAND.
    I tried two WiFi connections, one of them is my mobile hotspot. The internet on console works and also shows Internet icon but it just won't connect unless I perform the procdure I mentioned.
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    Oct 30, 2015
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    This works correctly but disable internet connection ingame, so when i try to play online battles it shows like im disconnected to my wifi point. Thanks btw!