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    Mar 15, 2009
    Don't understand why in the world Tehkseen if online, i think it was one of the greatest scene out theere. It it sad to see them go, if there anyone that can still have access to the numerous files that would be great.

    I'm just finding out about this terrible news, i do have to take time and say thanks for all the enormous content that was available to myself and the rest of the community. Home GBAtemp stick around for the long run!
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    May 28, 2009
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    GRRRREAT post.


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    Jul 18, 2010
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    Tehskeen was a great site/community. Due to problems (real life, suicide attempt, hackers) Brakken decided to abruptly close the site and make it a redirect to FoundMy. There was a group of users that tried to carry it on and called it Newskeen, but to be perfectly honest: IT SUCKS! The news is never updated, the site staff are MIA, and just a shame to the 'skeen name all together. The only good thing they had going for them was Arikado on the site, but he is not there anymore.

    And Brakken, if you read this (I know you are still lurking in the scene!): You owe me an R4DS! I won that contest weeks before you closed up and I never received NOTHING! And before anyone says "Dude, they are only $6 at ShopTemp, just buy one!", this is not my point. I already have an Acekard 2i for my DSi XL and looking at getting the Supercard DSTWO for the extra stuff that it may be able to do. The point is I won and I was was gyped out of my prize.
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    This is incredibly old news.
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    Honestly i loved tehskeen as well, hell i would regular it every day. Brakken even posted an article i made up on the front page. It's a shame that it closed down, i checked back every day after it closed for probably about six months, just because it was so awesome, I thought he had something up is sleeve. last time i talked to him, he said shit was going down and that he would have to get back in contact with me, i had to move, and i never talked to him again after that, i still have his email, well his msn chat email, but i doubt if he checks it, in fact I'm just going to send him a message and see if he even replies to it. it's a shame, it really was a crushing blow to the scene, so much lively-hood on those forums.