[Technical Question] BFWAVs too big, BARS file cannot be made.

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    Jan 7, 2019
    Hi there!

    I have a technical question, and that is for example:

    I installed the playable Mipha mod. She doesnt make any noises, so i went to the cutscene files, extracted some of her voices and i want to replace Links voices with it. Easy eh?

    Well, now i named all those files correctly, and converted them to BFWAV. Now i need to repack the BFWAVS into a BARS file. And the Programs skips nearly all files because they are bigger than Links original BFWAV's.

    Then i manipulated the script to forcibly pack these damn BFWAVS into a BARS file ( i took the if-loop "is x bigger than y" outta there) but it then it cannot be read anymore after a few hundred Kb..

    WHY does the modified BFWAV's need to be exact or a smaller filesize than the ooriginal? Why can't i just create a new BARS archive? i can't find the answer to it. Why is the filsize bound to the original? Hardcoded into the game?

    i already reduced the WAV's Hz to 220000 and it sounds like absolute gunk. How did they made the playable zelda mod with all those sounds?..

    Thank you for reading! Any help is appreaciated

    EDIT: Alright, i managed to fit everything into the Playervoices.bars in the TitleBG.pack. But as soon as the sounds play (you hear them for a second correctly), its getting all distorted, and it sounds like an dial-in modem. Im using 16 bit WAV, 22000 Hz instead of 28000. But i got reported that it shouldnt be a problem with the hz.. :/ Though i already had Problems with the Hz in other Programs like SFM, heh. i'll change what i can change and report later
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