[Tech help] This one WiFi connection

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    I'll keep it short.

    - ISP has a hotspot that sometimes work sometimes doesn't. I get better speeds so that's what I prefer when it's working.
    - The connection isn't at fault, at least not with my iPod Touch since it works great
    - Drivers have been re-installed 2-3 times still get the issue. Also this is the only connection on my PC that has issues, tried with two adapters.
    - 2-3 different wifi connection broadcasts with the same name. One is channel 1 the other is channel 6. Not sure if this contributes to anything.
    - When I diagnose the problem with the built-in diagnose tool in Windows 7 it tells me it can't reach the DNS server. Tried googling how to do it and tried doing it but still not working.

    What should I do?