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    Lali ho!

    Long story short, my phone has been giving me nothing but attitude for weeks so I'm looking to replace it, and the computer is giving me about as much grief so I was looking to get a tablet as well so I can start taking my writing career more seriously. So here's what I found.

    Phones 4 U have an offer on for a fairly old phone, nothing flash but it's a step up from what I have and it'd do what I need it to, plus a 10 inch tablet running Android 4.1. £11 a month. The phone is largely irrelevant, it'll do what I want it to, but I'm not up to date on tablets. So here's the details

    I don't plan on using it for much other than my writing, basic net access through my home wifi network, maybe a few apps and games if there's anything decent.

    Will that tablet be sufficient for my needs? The only other deals are all more like £47 a month for a Samsung Tab 3, usually the smaller one too. I'd much prefer the 10 inch tablet, makes it easer to write, easier to see, etc. I know Samsung stuff is nigh indestructible but for the price, is this worth going for? £11 a month is something I won't even notice it going, to be honest. And if this will run basic word processing apps and a few extras, it could be the key to getting my career going properly.

    Suggestions, information and opinions welcomed. Trolls will be publicly flogged.
  2. Joe88

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    Jan 6, 2008
    United States
    do you mean write like with a stylus?

    anyway single core tablets running android is a really bad idea
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