1. Midgardl

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    Sep 26, 2018
    I brought a switch from a guy and he already licensed sx os for me and installed some nsps (dlcs and updates) internal and some xci games in a 128 gb card.
    With 2.0 SX update, i created an emunand (copy nand,whatever) and deleted all nsps, users, saves and game icon from my main screen.
    For homebrew I used ChoidujourNX to update emunand and sysnand to 6.0 and nx-creport to clean error logs (i never connected my switch online)
    My microsd only have boot.bin payload from sx os and the license. Im using autoRCM because I dont have a jig.

    So, pretty much what i dont think is much secure:
    -ticketblub from nsp installs
    -sx os emunand
    -boot.bin and license in sd card

    The point is, because i already brought it with games installed, I didnt have the opportunity to make a clean nand backup and it seems like the only current way to go online safely with a modded switch. If a backup will be forever the only way to connect online, i would be auto banning me to try online.

    1 - So, should i wait for a better solution like be able to clean ticketblubs (something that seems that cant be cleaned even factory resetting or deleting all games, saves, etc) or what i did seems like enough to go online in ofw? I dont care to be banned, but i care to be banned and people introduce a way for someone in my situation play online in ofw without much worry.

    2 - How is that hard to keep track of nsp installs? Shouldnt be easier to delete their logs?

    3 - Is autoRCM easy detectable? If it is, the jig would be only safe solution?
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  2. punderino

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    Jan 5, 2016
    United States
    I formatted my emuNAND, however it'll whine every time it has the same SD card, so you gotta have 2 and change em out.
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