Switch's Hardware Upgradability?

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    [This is purely just for fun discussions, not serious speculation.]

    Nintendo loves doing upgraded models on handheld hardwares, we've seen this ever since the gameboy had the gameboy light. But so far, Nintendo hasn't ever done this for a console, at least not in any way significant.
    Seeing as how the Nintendo Switch is a particularly new category for them, being both a console and a handheld, I had this thought :

    How possible is it for Nintendo to boost the Switch's CPU & GPU through new "Pro" Docks ? Would the USB-C port be enough to handle external CPU & GPU? Would it actually make THAT much of a difference in graphical fidelity?

    Would Nintendo actually be able to offer modular upgrades for the Switch through new docks? it'd certainly be cheaper than releasing new versions of the switch every 2 years. Imagine if you will, a PS4PRO-like version of the dock, where through added GPU and CPU the switch can run games at 1080p 60fps or even maybe 4K, but you can still take the switch games on the go as a handheld, albeit with the standard 720p 30fps. I think this would be a very good middleground for nintendo as they can upgrade the Switch to keep up with competitors (because lets face it, that's what 3rd Parties want) without requiring consumers to buy new switch models to do so!

    I think this would make a fun discussion on the future of the Switch!
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    I was wondering about this stuff also. I wonder how hard it would be to replace the plastic screen with a glass one....