1. thedude28

    OP thedude28 GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Jul 28, 2015
    Hi guys, I'm having problems with booting into 9.5 Emunand from a 9.1J

    I got Cakesfw to boot into it (via using 4.x NDG, everything else doesn't work), but it freezes every time.
    Sometimes it kinda boots, as it loads up the theme and some tiles, but the theme song cuts off after a few seconds and then if you select any other tile it freezes (I can't even start the tile it booted on as it doesn't give me the option to). Other times it just flat out freezes upon boot.

    I think Emunand itself is fine as I reinstalled Gateway's MSET and successfully boot into it.
    I also think that I'm using the right files (Cakes102 and I have the firmware.bin from that iso site), but it's either I messed up installing CakesFW or I'm just really stupid and can't follow instructions.
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