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Aug 15, 2012
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Reddit user u/CodeFusion posted on the r/NintendoSwitch subreddit about his new Android app for quickly transferring screenshots to an Android 10+ smartphone.

It makes use of the already existing feature on the Switch that lets you scan two QR codes from your smartphone; the first to connect to the Switch's network, and the second to access and download the screenshots (single or batch).

His app allows you to do this much more efficiently and quickly, as the app after scanning the first QR code simply asks the user if they want to connect, and then immediately downloads the screenshots to the gallery; eliminating the use of separate apps to scan the QR code, connect to the network, and use a browser to download the screenshots, so the user can simply make use of this single app for all screenshot saving needs in the future.

There is no plan for an iOS app, but such an app is already available called SwitchBuddy on the App Store.

u/CodeFusion said:
There are no ads, no accounts, and I don't collect your data - I just built this as a side project to make a frustrating process a little bit easier. The app should work on most devices running Android 10+, though some devices have a bug that prevents connecting to the same device multiple times without restarting, so I added a manual connect option.

:download: Google Play Store - Direct Link
:arrow: The App's Website - with more details
:arrow: Reddit Original Post
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