1. BlackZero500

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    Mar 11, 2017
    Hey there,

    i looked for the perfect Controller for the Nintendo Switch but everyone has its flaws. So i decided to stick with the Original with wich im very satisfied all in all. But what really bothers me is the lack of Backside buttons. So i looked and found a few good Controllers with Programmable buttons on the backside, but those had a pretty small battery most of the time, mostly no rumble Feature and only one could wake the Switch from sleep. So i thought there should be a way to install Backpaddles, or buttons on the Original Controller. Like with Scuf Controllers. Well of course i know Scuf is not making Controllers for the Switch. But is there something? Does anyone have any experience with it? Does somekind of Modchip exist? Or even better a Addon? like there is for the PS4 controller. I would even consider a more out of the box thinking solution. My main problem are the Plus and Minus buttons. I dont think they are comfortable reachable while gaming. I always have to alter my Grip to get to them. So i rather want to lay them on backbuttons. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this? Like i said i would also consider buying another Controller, but it should have all the Features of the original, Wireless, Rumble, Motion and Accelleration sensors, good battery span and it must be able to wake up a sleeping switch.

    For the Technical skill i have: Im lightly adept in soldering, but a newbie in things like Modifiing a Plastic Case but also willing to learn and try. Im pretty good with my hands though.

    EDIT: Also for Clarification the best one i found was the one from PDP. It has nearly everything but lacks the Rumble. Also lacks NFC Compatibility but that does not bother me.
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  2. Irius

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    Jun 22, 2020
    Well, I did a research a year ago, I spent much of my savings on this task because I found it really interesting. All started when I disarmed my first fake pro controller and discover that it actually have NFC antenna and many other features on hardware that do not implements. For now I'm saving planning to add HD rumble, add the home button led and to do a more deep research about the NFC (Comparing the PCB of one that actually have it).

    Your plan requires a large proyect, would need to test lot of pieces and things.
    The battery at least for me, is good enough. It last like a month and a half playing for 2,5 hours straight everyday.
    Backpaddles are other business. If I'm not worng, eXtremeRate has not done any professional mapping kit yet, so I don't think you will find many other options easily. You can try it, study the motherboard and locate the points to short circuit in order to instal simple buttons to attack at the back of the controller. The most difficult part could be the way to locate and connect this buttons and to fix it nice to the case. Modchips usually do this but in a different way, they patch the output, so they only have to intercept one wire instead one for each button; but they require to create a board with all the circuitery printed on it. Unlike Ps4 controller, Switch do not include an EXT port that allow an easy-instalation scuf.
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