swap hd in ps3?

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    May 30, 2013
    i have a 40gb fat old ps3 on 4.41 ofw and my mate has a 6ogb old fat ps3 3.55 i wanna swap ps3's but keep all my saves etc pics vids and etc etc cant we just swap hd's so i still have a ps3 4ogb but on 3.55 ?
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    ps3 hdd are LINKED the ps3 it was formated on, you can't switch them without formating

    use the Back-up option in the setting menu (there are somethings that will NOT be backed-up like copy protected saves)

    on if you want to have 3.55 OFW, on the 3.55 ps3, have the 3.55 OFW update on a usb drive, when you install the new drive
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