SvSIP and FREE Calls

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    I am writing this guide to show my extremely complex yet awsome method of obtaining a free local phone number and how to use it with your DS. I hope you enjoy this, I did! This my have small mistakes but all the most imprtant ideas and steps are there. I wrote this from memory because it took me forever. I do not suggest this for people with little knowledge of technical things. Anyway here you go!

    Step 1: VOIPUSER

    - Go to and sign up fo an accunt

    -Go through the steps of activating the PTSN number

    -Write down your new phone number

    Step 2: PBXes

    -Go to and sign up for an account

    -Add an Extension > SIP
    *Extension Number: 100
    *Display Name: SIP
    *Password: Your PBXes password

    -Add a Ring Group
    *Group Number: 1
    *Ring Strategy: Ring All
    *Extension List: 100
    *Destination if No Answer: Hangup

    -Add an Inbound Routing
    *Chose Ring Group under Regular Hours and After Hours

    -Add a Trunk > SIP Trunk
    *Trunk Name: SIP
    *dtmfmode: rfc2883
    *audio bypass: no
    *Username: (VOIPUSER-USERNAME)
    *Password: (VOIPUSER-PASSWORD)
    *SIP Server:
    *Register: yes

    -Add Outbound Routing
    *Route Name: SIP
    *Trunk Sequence: The Only One! (SIP)
    *Extension: 100

    -Now click the red bar at the top

    Step 3: IPKALL

    -Go to
    *SIP Proxy:
    *Fill out the rest and check your email for your phone number

    Step 4: Google Voice

    -Go to

    -Fill in all the information up to it asking for your home phone

    -For the home phone put in the number you got from IPKALL

    -Let the verification sit there fr awhile, you are not there yet.

    Step 5: X-Lite

    -Go to and download X-Lite

    -Install X-Lite

    -Set up your account
    *Display Name:
    *Username: (YOUR PBXES USERNAME-100)
    *Password: (YOUR PBXES PASSWORD)
    *Check for voice mail: unchecked

    -Dial ***7469 it will open up a config window
    *Enter "dtmf" for the filter
    *system:dtmf:force_send_in_band = 1
    *Enter "2833" for the filter
    *rtp:2833:enabled = 0

    Step 6: Back to Google

    -Now go ahead and tell that verification to call you.

    -When X-Lite Gets the call enter in your verification code.

    -Now go to settings > Voice Settings

    -Third tab

    -Disable the verification (SVSIP cant handle it)

    -Close X-Lite and uninstall it

    Step 7: SvSIP

    -Open the SvSIP Config File


    -Username: (PBXES USERNAME-100)

    -Password: (PBXES PASSWORD)

    -That wait thing, set it from 55 to 150

    -Call your new number and answer it on your DS SvSIP!

    -Your OutGoing will take 3 days to be activated and at the mercy of server up time >.<

    -Use google voices website to just place calls, it will call you then call the number

    After all this you should be done! If not you may need to check some things here or there this is from memory after all and should save you a god 2 weeks figuring it
    out for yourselves. I am not good at guides so I encourage people to rewrite this with pics or better info, just give me some credit [​IMG]. Here is the main resource I based this off of mostly,