Super Ufo 8 problem ?

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    Well... finally decided to get myself a SNES card for my Retro Duo Portable (originally only intented to use it for GBA with the Retro Bit Adapter).

    The thing is...

    The Super Ufo 8 DOES play Roms quite well, no doubt about it...


    I cannot - for the life of me - figure out:
    How to backup those savegames to .sav files and load them back.

    I started Chrono Trigger and saved right at the map... used the > Backup Save option (leftmost down option) and it created a save file.

    I then played some Donkey Kong Country and save that game aswell.

    Then loaded the Chrono Trigger Save back and proceeded to reload the .sav to the sram.

    => Chrono Trigger save gone ???

    2. Loading DkC2 again: that save is STILL THERE ?
    ( However I have no Idea on how to back it up to a save file, was trying so will result in a "no save" error")

    Any Super UFO Experts here ?

    Oh and:
    Please no "get a Super Everdrive man, get a SNES2SD man" replies...
    I only play SNES occasionaly and don't really care that much...