Subway surfers hack tutorial (No APK or Root)


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Jan 17, 2022
Subway surfers is a game that has over 1 g downloads, and people want to get more money, etc, for my personal opinion, i like more the game at it is because what is the goal of the game of you already reach it without doing anything? But people like that, and this tuto make you hack it as you wan't, so here it is'

What you need:
An android device (never tested on iOS)
Apps you need:
Files by marc apps
Json & XML tool
Subway surfers

What you need to do:
Open the files app. (That you just downloaded) choose to open the files app, not any other like you usually use, then go in internal storage, android, data, com.kiloo.subwaysurf, files, profile.
Then now goes. We can start by the wallet. Just open it.. that should open with JSON and XML tool. You should see a code. You can choose how money, skates and etc. You just have to change the number right to value. Just look at the number at the end of the latest line upper.
Number list:
2: Keys
1: Money
3: skates
Ex: you want 16799 keys: "2":{"value":16799,"expirationType":0},
This is just a cut part of the code, don't paste it
There are lot others, just ask it and I'll add it.
Don't forget to save when you finished editing the code! And copy to make a backup for if you did a mistake
Yes, you can get any skates or character.
First open boards/characters inventory, copy the code and paste it here on a reply, I'll try to reply the code with the character or board you asked, just paste it over your old code. It can work with some skins.

This thread will not get updates, but there's a newer version
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