Streaming Video Problem

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    Jun 9, 2006
    Something weird is going on here...

    At my school here, each residence room has it's own internet connection. Its pretty fast, but it fluctuates in speed. I would say it averages around 500kpbs. When I go to YouTube, it works fine, everything is good. But on sites such as or, the videos will buffer forever, finally get to 100%, play for about a second or two, and then rebuffer and take as long as it did before to only play one more second. The weird thing is, if I connect to the wireless campus network, which is unprotected and you can get from anywhere on the campus, it works fine. I was even able to stream a live hockey game nearly perfectly.

    So whats the matter here? I would like to be able to watch the videos on my own internet connection, because it is faster, and I can't connect to MSN or IRC from the wireless network. Bleh!