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  1. hhs

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    Apr 15, 2011
    I've done a fair amount of searching and skimming and what I have gathered is that I'll probably need to hard mod my PS3 if I want to play backups. I'll try and organize this to make sense.

    Unit: CECH 3000A SLIM 160GB

    Firmware: Factory default 3.60

    Intention: Mod the system to play backups from internal or external drive

    Defense of intention: I recognize that their are members on the forum who would not want to help me if my goal was anything beyond accessing homebrew but I'll make my case. I'll be moving out of the country, specifically to South Korea and would like to have digital copies of all games since I have a weight and space limit on what I can bring. The ps3 Slim even on its own is a burden. I could download games online after I arrive but I'd feel more comfortable having sacrificed that space that could have been for clothing to a system that has already stocked with games than count on the PSN service of a foreign country.

    Conclusion: My research suggests that softmodding is off the table as anything beyond 3.55 can't be downgraded and even the up and coming cfw4.0 won't play back ups. If I'm then forced to do hard modding what are the best options and where can I find a tutorial for that specific method. I'm not in love with the idea of opening the ps3 but I will if I feel confident in the instructions.

    Thank you to the bros out there who have something to contribute.

    Edit:I'm looking into E3 Flasher right now and wondering it there is an easier/safer way.
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    Dec 1, 2010
    Even a hardmod is useless for a ps3 that is factory 3.60.
    You have 2 choices:
    1.Buy another ps3 (used is your best bet)
    2. wait for the 4.0 CFW (that should come someday)