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Discussion in 'Computer Hardware, Devices and Accessories' started by petethepug, Nov 13, 2016.

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    Hey so I had a question... A kind of embarrassing one if you ask me but I'm glad I found this out today.

    So I was looking in my PC Hardware digitally to see if I had any "recording" devices enabled, and noticed this intresting one set on named Stero Mix, I decided to take a look at it, VIA Internet just out of curiousty what it is, and basically moral of the story is that it outputs everything you hear (physically.) and uses it like a microphone basically.

    The articles/videos I saw on it explained it vividly with no examples, so it's confusing me to believe that people can hear what your saying without a microphone if it's enabled,
    Or if it literally just captures more audio to an external microphone.

    I been going crazy thinking about this so I would just like to know to prevent myself from making up all this stuff I don't know :P I know kind of embarrassing.
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    Stereomix is about everything that is generated from the soundcard and outputing from the speakers.

    So let's say you have a music player playing a song, a game running with sound effects, a skype call, all at once, if you go, for example, in audacity, and set the record device to stereomix, and press "record", it will, basically, record every sounds your computer generate.

    Stereomix can be used in another way too. Let's say you are in a call, you can switch the microphone device to stereomx, and, let's say, play a song. The other person at the extremity will hear this.

    I think this is the most precise description I could give.
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