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    Trailer oop.

    Set in the original series continuity, around 10 years before Kirk's adventures.

    The main character is Sarek's adopted human daughter who also grew up on Vulcan. Yes, Spock's (adopted) sister. We will also find out why Spock never mentioned her. The creators promise they will find a way to cram her into the canon without any retconning of the previous series, but it all smells like a fanfiction Mary Sue to me. Like Harry Potter's hotter twin brother who was left with his other aunt.

    And they've redesigned the Klingons again. The show will reveal how Klingons got their forehead ridges. And then lost them in TOS. Then regained them sometime before TNG.

    And of course I'm gonna watch it because it's friggin Star Trek, okay? Don't judge me.

    Anywhooo. Thoughts?
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    Seems yeah, a bit too mary sue for me. I'm so sure, Spock's adopted sister. Puh-lease. They didn't need to cram that in. Interesting that they're going before Kirk's era, though. I honestly just want more Star Trek movies with the alternate timeline cast, Chris Pine was really good as Kirk imo. I suppose I'll watch it just cuz like you said, it's friggin Star Trek.
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    I'd rather have it play out in the 29th century.
    But yeh, I'll watch it tho.