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    Yeah I wanted to know If anyone had issues using Sony DVD+R DL i have. The first one i burned using the SSBB Burning tutorial here worked after loading and then after sometime it said error reading disc while I was watchin the movies. When i checkedthe reverse side of the disc it was like the disc was scrapped. Must have happened while i was insertin the DVD in the slide in Slot of my laptop [​IMG] . Well I tried a different DVD with the same settings and tried the DVD on my wii. After the game loaded, it got stuck before loadin the intro movie. I wasted 2 discs the same way. But these discs had nothin wrong wit it.

    I had my old DVD-5 Version of SSBB. Since i updated my Wii to 3.3.U I havent been able to play that anymore. Just for the heck of it I thought I will swap the DL disc to the DVD-5 disc before the movie started and it worked! [​IMG] Of course I guess I still wont be able to see the SSE movies again. But tats ok.

    One more thing. If the Wii Game ISO is slightly corrupted will it load partially on the Wii or will it not load at all ?